Education is key to forward momentum. We hope this film will provide understanding to folks in Mississippi eager to build a better, more just state.

–Susan Glisson, Director of William Winter Institute for Racial Reconciliation



In 2006, the Mississippi Truth Project (MTP) came together with other groups and organizations to begin overseeing the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in Mississippi. This regional alliance that was formed to support local communities in confronting and reconciling issues of racial violence, particularly as inherited from the Civil Rights era. The Closer to the Truth Project in Mississippi is aimed at helping to make the TRC process there as transparent and participatory as possible. During the initial stages of planning the Commission, the MTP screened Greensboro: Closer to the Truth in a series of meetings across the state to help familiarize Steering Committee members with the TRC process and spark preliminary dialogue about it; discussion topics included the structure of the Greensboro TRC process, issues connected to it and their local relevance. In the end, these screenings helped the MTP both recruit support for the Commission and draw a diverse range of participants and perspectives